I make art because I enjoy working with the elements of design, especially color. I like making the marks and coming up with ideas. I like to delight others with happy, fun works.


I am passionate about nature, outer-space, magic, candy, and kindness.


I want to connect with others with my art. I want to create and share delightful fun worlds, characters, and adventures. I want my art to be featured on greeting cards, as wall art, in magazines, in children's books, as kid's room décor, as stuffed animals, and in creative activity books and as stickers!

I have a southern accent. I say y'all and leave the g off words that end in 'ing'. I love to wear flip flops. Sometimes I like to use LOTS of different art materials on one work of art. I like to go to thrift stores. I like to sit outside at night. I like to combine realistic drawing and scribbles. I like to make up flavors and color names. I daydream about being a flower farmer, UFOs, and color groupings. I think we should be really, really kind and have more FUN!

red passion flowers_edited.png